- gluten-free savoury buckwheat crepes

Galette, savoury buckwheat crêpes are known as one of the oldest dishes. Used instead of bread, baked on large, flat stone in Bretagne called jalet, that's why they are named Galette. Buckwheat is not actually a grain, but cousin of water pepper. Its native land is Asia, from where it travelled to Russia and Near East. It came to France with knights returning from Crusades. Galettes made only from buckwheat flour, salt and water were basic nutrition for people from Bretagne for centuries. The tradition of making Galettes was Bretagnian pride and recipes were transferred from generation to generation. Galettes were baked in fire from burning wood, which gave them interesting flavour. Nutritious pancakes filled with ham, egg, sausage, cheese, vegetables or fish are always on French tables and well-known far away from France too.

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- Crêpe is a really thin traditional French pancake made of wheat flour, sweet and crispy. First recipes were created in Paris, but quickly they had become speciality of Bretagne, where sailors brought rum, orange flavoured liqueur, vanilla and cinnamon - perfect extras to delicate crêpe. Crêperies gained French approval and became part of French gastronomy.
In Pies Pianista we offer basic crêpes - with sugar or sugar and cinnamon, as well as more complex, for example: with homemade salted caramel (traditional French topping).

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